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RHOWLIn the late 60s, I began writing my own poems as a way of capturing moments in my life, reaction to things I saw or heard or just somewhere to save the rhymes that popped into my head.

Then I started collecting and transcribing poems that gave me inspiration, made me laugh or otherwise enjoyed. There's a mixture poems by well-known authors and some whose poets I couldn't find a thing about, so they remain anonymously written .

When I bought my first computer, about 1994, one of my "projects" was going to be putting my poems on the web. Well, in late 2011 I made the attempt and am making another effort in early 2017.

The home image belonged to my very first website that I called "Rhonda's Home of Web Links", created about 1996 by a visitor to my site. The site is long retired, but thought I'd bring my "home" back. The RBC Solutions was my corporate name and coined by a friend, now in Alberta. Thank you, Mark.The same friend created its logo.